Knowledge exchange

Access to best available freshwater ecological knowledge is required for best possible decision making regarding management of freshwater resources and ongoing research priorities.

Communication of scientific knowledge is required to support the adaptive management of environmental water allocations, manage risks associated with significant water quality events (e.g. blackwater) and build the ecological research capacity necessary to inform future water policy.

We communicate the outcomes and results of our research through a range of knowledge exchange methods, delivering our science in a variety of formats, for a variety of audiences.  New ecological knowledge is published in peer reviewed journals, technical reports, on our website and in local and national media.  Synethised knowledge, from a variety of sources is reviewed and repackaged to be published.  Our scientists present their work at client seminars, at MDFRC seminars and events and at national and international conferences.

In an effort to help enhance community understanding of the role of ecological research and monitoring in environmental management MDFRC team members participate in a variety of community events and initiatives. To encourage the next generation of freshwater ecologists and water resource managers we work with schools in a range of education initiatives including two long running ecology camps: the Rotary Murray-Darling School of Freshwater Research at Wodonga and the Health of the River Forum in the Mildura region.