Healthy and productive aquatic ecosystems in the Murray-Darling Basin that are managed in a sustainable manner.


The Centre's mission is to generate, synthesise and communicate the knowledge required to support the adaptive management of environmental water allocations, manage risks associated with significant water quality events (e.g. blackwater), and build the ecological research capacity necessary to inform future water policy.


In pursuit of this mission, the staff and management of the MDFRC are committed to a value set which espouses:

  • Excellent freshwater ecological science through initiative and creativity.
  • Accountability for the quality, integrity and objectivity of our research.
  • Collaboration with agencies to inform decisions based on sound ecological knowledge.
  • Developing expertise to inform decisions based on sound ecological knowledge.
  • Respect for our colleagues and personal accountability for our behaviour and actions.

MDFRC business

The MDFRC is a multi-disciplinary research centre committed to the generation and adoption of freshwater ecological knowledge. The MDFRC has research facilities located in both the Upper and Lower Murray River regions at Wodonga and Mildura. Freshwater ecological knowledge is generated through:

  • Long-term strategic research projects.
  • Short-term tactical research projects.
  • Synthesis of the best available science.
  • Knowledge exchange activities to promote knowledge adoption.
  • Active involvement in the adaptive management of the freshwater, environmental assets of the Basin.

The MDFRC generates new ecological knowledge to support water management agencies in:

  • Developing appropriate objectives and setting meaningful, quantifiable targets.
  • Assessing the condition of water dependent ecosystems.
  • Designing interventions to achieve targets.
  • Designing monitoring programs to evaluate the outcomes of management intervention.
  • Evaluating environmental outcomes and modifying system understanding.