General algebra and its applications

The General Algebra Seminar is held every week throughout the academic year. Each year has a theme. From year to year, the themes alternate between areas of current research activity and areas outside our research that are of interest to the group.

The topics over previous years have been:

  • 2012: Tame Congruence Theory
  • 2011: Synchronising Automata and Current Research
  • 2010: Graph Homomorphisms
  • 2009: Current Research
  • 2008: Constraint Satisfaction Problems
  • 2007: Current Research
  • 2006: Semigroups and Related Algebras
  • 2005: Finitely Based Quasi-Varieties
  • 2004: Undecidable Properties of Finite Algebras
  • 2003: Full versus Strong Dualities and Standard Topological Quasi-varieties
  • 2002: Combinatorics on Words
  • 2001: Dualisability in General and of Semigroups in Particular
  • 2000: Coalgebras
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