Theory of Statistical Inference

Group leader

Paul KabailaDr Paul Kabaila

Assoc Professor in Statistics, College of Science, Health and Engineering

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The research carried out by our group includes the following: 

  • The effect of preliminary model selection on confidence and prediction intervals 
  • The construction of confidence sets that utilise uncertain prior information 
  • Inference for stochastic processes and fields 

Our group is also carrying out research on: 

  1. model averaged confidence intervals with Prof. Alan Welsh (ANU) 
  2. admissibility of confidence intervals with Prof. Dr. Hannes Leeb (University of Vienna) 
  3. inference of long-range dependent stochastic processes with Prof. Nikolai Leonenko (Cardiff University), Prof. Maria D. Ruiz-Medina (University of Granada), and Prof. Vo Anh (QUT)