Professor Philip

Professor Philip Broadbridge



College of Science, Health and Engineering

School of Engineering and Mathematical Sciences

Department of Mathematics and Statistics

Melbourne (Bundoora)


BSc(hons)(Adel), DipEd(Tas), PhD(Adel)



Membership of professional associations

Past Pres ANZIAM, Fellow Aust Math Soc, Member AIP, IAMP

Area of study

Mathematics and Statistics

Brief profile

Phil Broadbridge rejoined La Trobe in 2009 as Head of the School of Engineering and Mathematical Sciences. From 2005 to 2009, he was Director and CEO of the Australian Mathematical Sciences Institute and in that capacity was presented with the 2008 Fast Thinking/ Open Universities National Innovation Award in the category of science innovation. He was previously a professor of applied mathematics for 14 years, including a total of 8 years as department chair at the University of Delaware and at the University of Wollongong, where he was also Deputy Chair of Academic Senate. Having worked also as a secondary teacher and as a CSIRO researcher, he has strong interests in education and in industry outreach. He is particularly interested in the links between engineering and mathematics, and was part of the original writing team that secured HEIF funding for SMART Infrastructure at the University of Wollongong.

His PhD was in mathematical physics (University of Adelaide). He has an unusually broad range of research interests, including fundamental physics, applied nonlinear partial differential equations, hydrology, heat and mass transport and population genetics. He has published two books and over 100 refereed papers, appearing in 30 different scientific journals. He is a member of the editorial boards of two book series and three journals, including Proceedings of the Royal Society of London. He has been Editor-in-Chief of the US-based journal, Mathematical and Computer Modelling, as well President of Australia New Zealand Industrial and Applied Mathematics, the main professional association of applied mathematicians in Australia and New Zealand.

Research interests

Hydraulics and Water Resources

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Integrable systems

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Mathematical foundations of physics

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Teaching units

current: MAT2VCA Vector Calculus and Laplace transforms. MAT1CDE Calculus and Differential Equations. MAT4PDE Nonlinear Partial Differential Equations.

past: MAT3DQM Dynamical Systems and Quantum Mechanics, 2nd year Dynamics

At other places: 1st year applied maths modelling, 3rd year industrial modelling, 3rd year continuum mechanics, 3rd year boundary value problems


experience with BHP Research, APRA, Cadburys, Southcorp Wines.

Recent publications

N. M. Ivanova and P. Broadbridge, “Solutions and reductions for radiative energy transport in laser-heated plasma”, J. Math. Phys. 56, 011503 (2015);

 E. Tonkes and P. Broadbridge, “A parsimonious diffusion equation for electricity demand”, ANZIAM Jnl 54 (CTAC 2012), pp C747-C767 (2014).

 P. Broadbridge, C. Chanu and W. Miller Jr., “Solutions of Helmholtz and Schrodinger equations with a side condition and nonregular separation of variables”, Symmetry, Integrability and Geometry: Methods and Applications (SIGMA) Vol 8, article 089 (31 pages), special issue celebrating Peter Olver’s 60th birthday (2012).

 N. Tehseen and P. Broadbridge, “Classification of Fourth Order Diffusion Equations with Increasing Entropy”, Entropy 2012, 14(7), 1127-1139; doi:10.3390/e14071127

 D. Triadis and P. Broadbridge, "The Green-Ampt limit with reference to infiltration coefficients", Water Resour Res. , special issue in honour of J.-Y. Parlange and W. Brutsaert, 48 (7), DOI: 10.1029/2011WR011747    (2012).

 P. Broadbridge and J. M. Goard, “When central finite differencing gives complex values for a real solution !”,  Complex Variables and Elliptic Equations, 57 (2-4), 455-467 (2012).

 P. Broadbridge and P. J. Vassiliou, “The Role of Symmetry and Separation in Surface Evolution and Curve Shortening”, invited paper for special issue in honour of Willard Miller Jr., P. Olver, P. Winternitz and E. Kalnins (guest editors), Symmetry, Integrability and Geometry: Methods and Applications (SIGMA), 7, 052, 19 pages (2011).

 E. Haque and P. Broadbridge, “Exact Solution of a Boundary Value Problem Describing the Uniform Cylindrical or Spherical Piston Motion”, Applied Math Modelling, 35, 3434-3442 (2011).

 E. Haque, P. Broadbridge and P. L. Sachdev, “Expansion of High Pressure Gas into Air- A More Realistic Blast Wave Model”, Math. Comput. Modelling, 50, 1606-1621 (2009).

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 D. Triadis and P. Broadbridge, “Analytical model of infiltration under constant-concentration boundary conditions”, Water Resour Res., 46(3), W03526, doi:10.1029/2009WR008181 (2010).

 P. Broadbridge, “Entropy behaviour of evolution PDEs”, PAMM (Proceedings of Applied Mathematics and Mechanics), 7(1), 2040027-2040028 (2008).

 S. Henderson and P. Broadbridge, “Engineering Mathematics Education in Australia”, MSOR Connections (UK), 9(1), 12-17, 2009.

 P. Broadbridge, D. Triadis and J.M. Hill,  “Infiltration from supply at constant concentration: An integrable model”, invited article for special edition on soil-water transport, J. Eng. Math, 64(2), 193-206 (2009).

 P. Broadbridge, “Entropy Diagnostics for Fourth Order Partial Differential Equations in Conservation Form”, Entropy, 8, 295-311 (2008).

 B. H. Bradshaw-Hajek, P. Broadbridge and  G. H. Williams, “Evolving gene frequencies in a population with three possible alleles at a locus”, Mathematical and Computer Modelling, 47, 210-217 (2008).

 B. H. Bradshaw-Hajek,  M.P. Edwards,  P. Broadbridge  and , G.H. Williams, “Nonclassical symmetry solutions for reaction-diffusion equations with explicit spatial dependence”, Nonlinear Analysis: Theory, Methods & Applics.  67, 2541-2552 (2007).

 R. J. Moitsheki, P. Broadbridge  and M.P. Edwards, “Group invariant solutions for two dimensional solute transport under realistic water flows”, Quaestiones Mathematicae, 29(1), 73-83 (2006).

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 J. M. Goard and P. Broadbridge,  "Exact solution of a degenerate fully nonlinear  diffusion equation", Journal of Appl. Math. and Physics (Z.A.M.P.) 55(3), 534-538 (2004) .

 P. Broadbridge, B. Bradshaw, G. Fulford, and G. K. Aldis, "Huxley and Fisher Equations for Gene Propagation:  An Exact Solution ", The ANZIAM Journal 44 (1) 11-20 (2002).

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 Ali El-Feki, P. Broadbridge and G.W. Walter, "Potential Transients for an Electrochemical Corrosion Reaction under Constant Current Conditions" , Mathl. & Computer Modelling, 30 (11-12), 111-131 (1999).




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Older publications

P. Tritscher, W.W. Read and P. Broadbridge, "Specific Yield for a Two-Dimensional Flow", Water Resour. Res.,  36, 1393-1402 (2000).

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Research projects

 1. Soil-water-solute flow modelling. Information theory and robust water distributions.

2. The role of total population drift in the spread of a new gene.

3.  Exact solutions for solute transport via incomplete Staeckel matrices.

4. Exact solutions for nonlinear equations of Kuramoto-Sivashinsky type: a balance between forward and backward diffusion at different orders.

5. Turbulent fluid statistics from approximating systems of ODEs.

6. Unstable modes in quantum mechanics.

6. Discrete analogues of classically integrable nonlinear partial differential equations.