Dr Jane

Dr Jane Pitkethly

Honorary Research Fellow

College of Science, Health and Engineering

School of Engineering and Mathematical Sciences

Department of Mathematics and Statistics

Physical Sciences, Room 215, Melbourne (Bundoora)


MSc, PhD (La Trobe)



Membership of professional associations

Executive editor for Algebra Universalis

Area of study

Mathematics and Statistics

Research specialisation

- General algebra

Recent publications

J. Pitkethly and B. Davey, Dualisability: Unary Algebras and Beyond, Springer, 2005.

J. G. Pitkethly, A full duality that cannot be upgraded to a strong duality, Houston J. Math. 35 (2009), 757–774.

D. M. Clark, B. A. Davey, M. Jackson and J. G. Pitkethly, The axiomatizability of topological prevarieties, Adv. Math. 218 (2008), 1604–1653.

B. A. Davey, M. Jackson, J. G. Pitkethly and M. R. Talukder, Natural dualities for semilattice-based algebras, Algebra Universalis 57 (2007), 463–490.

B. A. Davey, J. G. Pitkethly and R. Willard, Dualisability versus residual character: a theorem and a counterexample, J. Pure Appl. Algebra 210 (2007), 423–435.