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Yunus Social Business Summit in Berlin

Professor Gillian Sullivan Mort will be participating in the Yunus Social Business Summit in Berlin on Germany 5 – 6 November. The summit will focus on the latest initiatives from Yunus Centre and Grameen Creative lab in Germany. Professor Sullivan Mort is also a member of the Strategic Planning Committee of the Yunus Social Business Academia Conference taking place on 3-4 November in Berlin and will be presenting a refereed paper at the conference. Mr Rafiuddin Ahmed, Endeavour Scholarship Holder and COO (part time) for the YSBC at La Trobe University, will also attend and present a refereed paper. See more information on the conference website.

Foundation of Social Business module

The Foundations of Social Business module has been developed by Professor Gillian Sullivan Mort with Mr Rafiuddin Ahmed for the Entrepreneurship BUS3ENT subject, coordinated by Associate Professor Vanessa Ratten. The module includes material from Professor Yunus and other leading social entrepreneurs and custom mini-case studies. The lecture with supporting content was presented to the pilot group of students undertaking BUS3ENT on 17 September and received an enthusiastic response.    

'I am very pleased that this initiative will lead to over 2000 La Trobe Business School students developing a deep understanding of social business and the YSBC and integrate it into their future business life', said Professor Paul Mather.

The Social Business module will be core learning for all Business School students from 2016.

The initial lecture concluded with a seeding session titled 'Got Ideas Handy? Get Candy', which encouraged students to propose innovative social business action projects for further development.  Social business etrepreneurs will in future years be supported through the YSBC and the Business School Innovation Lab.

Student club established at La Trobe University

A La Trobe University student club has been established to provide a hub for students interested in social business and entrepreneurship.

Visit us again soon for updates and pictures of club meetings.

Professor Mather blogs

Head of Business School Professor Paul Mather blogs about Professor Muhammad Yunus acceptance of Emeritus Professorship at la Trobe Business School.


Yunus Social Business Centre 'soft' launch

The 'soft' launch of the Yunus Social Business Centre (YSBC) will take place at 2pm on 9 October 2015 and it will include:

  • a video address by Professor Yunus from Yunus Centre Bangladesh
  • the opening of the Yunus Resource Collection in the YSBC
  • presentation to Mr David Williamson, CEO, Darebin Enterprise Centre Limited of a Resource Library for the DECL from La Trobe Business School.

The opening will be followed by afternoon tea and a planning workshop for 2016 for the YSBC.

Academic advisors, community supporters and interested groups are invited to RSVP to the Centre Director Professor Gillian Sullivan Mort at by 28 September.