Student research projects

Our PhD students carry out their research across a diverse range topics such as tourism development issues, food intolerances and travel, information technology in hotels and events, human resources, travel narratives, tourist decision-making, gastronomy, innovations in wine tourism and dark tourism.

Below we have provided a sample of our higher degree student alumni PhD topic areas. Our alumni currently hold positions in academia throughout Australian and international Universities.

Recent PhD topics


Student NameTopicSupervisor(s)
Dr M.J. Deng-WestphalEmpirical Investigation of Tourism Organisations' Decisions to Adopt Ecolabels: A Mixed Methods Approach.Dr Sue Beeton & Dr Mike Hughes (Curtin University)
Dr Michael Fagence

The Contribution of Myths, Legends and Folklore to National Identity and Tourism Strategies.

Dr Sue Beeton
Dr Viet Anh LeeTourism Consumer In-site Decision Making: A study of Vietnamese domestic tourism.Dr Elspeth Frew and Dr Clare Lade
Dr Noela MichaelThe Cultural Transferability of Tourist Motivation in the Context of Leisure Tourists from Dubai and Abu Dhabi.Dr Sue Beeton and Professor Gavin Jack
Dr Erica RandleRegulating Commercial Tourism in Victorian National Parks.Professor Russell Hoye and Dr Warwick Frost
Dr Eugene ThomlinsonInfluencing Destination Image: Location placement in film.Professor Geoffrey Crouch and Dr Sue Beeton