Student research projects

Staff members in the HRM and IM group currently have PhD students studying various aspects of HRM and IM including, amongst others:

  • the role of strategic HRM and high performance work systems and their impact on employee attitudes and behaviours and ultimately performance in Australia and internationally;
  • the role of HRM in supporting workers with disabilities;
  • management development within contemporary organisations;
  • diversity management;
  • the role of HRM in supporting migrant workers

Our PhD students carry out their research across a diverse range of industries and organisations such as the healthcare sector, public sector, social enterprises, community organisations, multinational enterprises (e.g. banks, hotels), in both Australia and internationally.

Below we have provided a sample of our higher degree student alumni PhD topic areas. Our alumni currently hold positions in academia throughout Australian and international universities.

Current PhD topics

 *P = Principal supervisor, S = Secondary supervisor

Student nameResearch topicSupervisor(s)
Dr Dimitra BoniasClinical Engagement: A qualitative study of three Victorian public hospitals.Prof Timothy Bartram (P)*
Prof Sandy Leggat (S)*
Dr Cindy ChengThe impact of teamwork on nurses' emotional labour, well-being, quality of patient care and turnover intentionProf Timothy Bartram (P)
Prof Sandy Leggat (S)
Dr Leila Karimi (S)
Dr Chowdhury Golam HossanThe introduction of eServices into the organisational processes of City Councils in AustraliaProf David Brown (P)
Dr Nicola McNeil (S)
Dr Sardana Islam KhanHigh performance systems in the context of the banking sector in Bangladesh.Prof Timothy Bartram (P)
Prof Peter Dowling (S)
Dr Peter O'DonoghueThe Victorian Public Health Care Sector: An Ideal Place for Employee Participation in Management Decision Making.Prof Timothy Bartram (P)
Prof Pauline Stanton (S)
Dr Rani ThanacoodyThe Relationship Between Work and Family Resources and Demands Within and Across Domains on Work-Family Balance and the Perceived Organisational Outcomes.Prof Timothy Bartram (P)
Dr Tuan Nooriani Tuan IsmailCorporate Social Responsibility in Government-linked Companies (GLCS) in Malaysia: The Influence of the Silver BookProf Timothy Bartram (P)
Dr Jillian Cavanagh (S)