Video conferencing phase out

Video conference phase out - Action plan [DOCX 236KB]
Video conference phase out - Action plan [PDF 618KB]

We are phasing out non-interactive video conferencing by semester one 2016.

We want to provide our students with a distinctive, high quality education, no matter where they are. We will do this by ensuring they are all equally engaged in active learning opportunities so that information and ideas are understood and retained.

What can you do now?

Consider your current practice

Does your subject promote interaction: between yourself and the student, between students and between students and the content? Use these video conferencing scenarios to help your decide.

Read through our video conferencing resources

Book a consultation with LTLT

Meet with a representative from LTLT for up to 2 hours (in combination with support materials). You will receive advice and coaching aimed at developing a realistic Implementation Plan for potential alternatives to non-interactive video conferencing in your teaching.

Contact your LTLT College Partner to organise a meeting.

What can you do in the longer term?

Consider a re-design project to implement active learning in your subject

Flagship projects: These projects are selected by Colleges as part of the Digital Learning Strategy. LTLT will support projects of this nature with advice and coaching support from educational designers (to be negotiated).

You should contact your LTLT College Partner if you are thinking of starting a project.

Explore these blended learning resources and exemplars

La Trobe resources


External resources