Succeed at La Trobe

The Succeed at La Trobe program has been a central part of La Trobe's student success and retention strategy for more than three years. The program consists of a suite of personalised communication and intervention strategies that have been shown to be effective in promoting student engagement with learning, academic success, student retention and overall satisfaction.

We provide students with targeted communications and support at key times throughout the student lifecycle. These communications can be of several types, including SMS and email, but our primary means of communication is provided via personalised phone calls that are made through our professional contact centre. The Succeed at La Trobe contact centre operates on a calendar of targeting campaigns that are both proactive and reactive in nature.

Subject based campaigns

Many of our Succeed at La Trobe campaigns are based around supporting a number of La Trobe's largest first-year subjects. For these particular campaigns we work with subject teaching teams to plan a series of proactive and reactive outreach campaigns that are based on the subject's assessment cycle. For these and other campaigns, our goal is to help our students to identify appropriate help-seeking behaviours, make them aware of our support services, and to arrange formal referrals when appropriate.

University-wide campaigns

In addition to the subject-based campaigns, Succeed at La Trobe also conducts a number of University-wide engagement and early intervention campaigns. These include outreaching to commencing undergraduate students to provide welcome calls and to advise and support students involved in the academic progression process.

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