Student Success and Retention

The primary purpose of the Success and Retention Strategy is to improve the achievement and persistence of La Trobe students. It is a critical component of our mission to provide high quality, accessible and inclusive education to domestic and international students from diverse backgrounds, ensuring they graduate World Ready, Work Ready and Future Ready.

The strategy describes five key goals and related strategies and targets designed to ensure that students are provided with the opportunities, environments and support they need to succeed in their studies through to graduation. Responsibilities are distributed across the university, highlighting the fact that improving success and retention requires a coordinated whole-of-institution approach. Our ultimate purpose is to improve the quality of the student experience from offer through to graduation and beyond by building upon existing good practices and identifying bold new approaches to improving the success and retention of our students.

The strategy supports the achievement of goals described in Future Ready: Strategic Plan (2013–2017) which commits La Trobe to being in the top 12 nationally in student success, retention, satisfaction and employment for each Field of Education in which we offer degrees. The Success and Retention Strategy is a coordinated whole-of-institution approach that connects with and supports the achievement of targets described in other La Trobe strategies and plans including the Learning and Teaching Plan 2013–2017 and the Digital Learning Strategy 2015–2017. It is informed by an extensive body of scholarly literature and based on seven principles, drawn from this literature.

The Student Success and Retention Strategy: A whole-of-institution approach [PDF 4.6MB] was approved by the Education Committee in April 2016.