Developing an Essential in your subject

Each Essential aims to provide a rich, wider context for what is being taught in the subject, through the lens of Global Citizenship, Innovation and Entrepreneurship or Sustainability Thinking.

It is intended that the Essential will not 'stand alone' in the subject, but be integrated with other learning. As such, there is no uniform way that an Essential is expressed in a subject; each Essential should be informed by relevant disciplinary content.

Developing, checking and communicating your Essential

A range of resources are available to assist you to develop an Essential in a subject, whether a particular Essential is already apparent or you're not really sure where to start. Select one of the following questions which best describes your current level of development, to get started with embedding an Essential.

Identifying and developing an Essential

If you need a more detailed explanation of how to embed an Essential:

If you need advice and examples for ways to embed one of the specific Essentials:

Checking your Essential

If you need to check how well the Essential is currently embedded in the ILOs, Student Learning Activities (SLAs) and Student Assessment Tasks (SATs): 

Communicating with your students

Once the Essential is fully developed in your subject, it's important to think about how to engage with your students, highlighting what it is for, and where they will encounter it.

Further help

If you have any further questions about the Essentials, we recommend you read through the Frequently Asked Questions or contact your LTLT College Partner:

Contact your LTLT College Partner