Approving an Essential in your subject

As stated in the Essentials Procedures it is up to Colleges to determine 'whether an identified subject is designated as teaching and assessing one of the Essentials as part of the normal subject approval process using published criteria set out by the University.'

The Workflow below applies for the College of ASSC and College of SHE – however there are minor differences in the procedure in Steps 5, 6 and 7.

Workflow for obtaining approval

Step 1

The Subject Coordinator identifies whether their subject is likely to be able to incorporate one of the Essentials.

Step 2

The Subject Coordinator notifies Course/Major Coordinator of intention to seek approval for an Essential.

Step 3

The Subject Coordinator completes the Essential Memo detailing:

  • how the Essential is communicated in the subject description
  • the ILOs and the learning activities related to the Essential
  • how the Essential is assessed

Step 4

The Subject Coordinator forwards the Essential Memo to the School Director of Teaching and Learning for review. The Director chooses to support the proposal or returns it to the Subject Coordinator for revision. At this stage, it may be appropriate for the subject coordinator to seek assistance from La Trobe Learning and Teaching in how best to incorporate the Essential and complete the Essentials Memo.

Step 5

SHE: If agreed, the Subject Coordinator forwards the Essential Memo to the School/Department Teaching and Learning Committee for review.

ASSC: The Subject Coordinator sends the Essentials Memo to the Academic Coordinator for preliminary review. If agreed, the Academic Coordinator forwards the Essentials Memo for School Education Committee review.

Step 6

If endorsed by the committee:

  • in ASSC, the Curriculum Project Officer uses CIMS to edit the subject information, tick the relevant Essentials box and upload the Essentials Memo; this triggers action for the College Coursework Committee to review the subject.
  • in SHE, the Essentials memo is forwarded to the College Coursework Committee to review the subject.

Step 7

Once approved by the Coursework Committee, the Subject Coordinator updates the Subject Learning Guide and notifies the Course Coordinator of the Essentials status.

For approved subjects in SHE, CIMS is updated by the College Education Team to reflect the revised subject information and the relevant Essentials box is ticked.

If the subject is not approved, it must be revised and resubmitted to the School Director of Teaching and Learning and the process is repeated.


The Essentials Procedures list the following criteria for approval of the Essentials:

  • there must be clearly identifiable content, intended learning outcomes (ILOs), assessment and learning activities relating to an Essential.
  • the Essentials-related assessment must account for no less than 25% of the final grade and be incorporated into at least one major assessment task (Note: the Essential may be addressed in more than one assessment task).
  • a subject would address only one Essential.