Design, Delivery and Leadership

Digital Teaching Programs

There are a range of induction opportunities to help settle staff into their new teaching roles or to help existing staff refresh their digital practice. These programs are designed to educate staff about teaching and learning practice at La Trobe.

Contact LTLT for information about these induction programs.

Digital Learning and Teaching

Using practice-based activities, Digital Learning and Teaching is a self-paced program that aims to support the design, delivery and leadership of teaching at La Trobe.

Engagement with activities can lead to Advanced Standing in subjects comprising of the Graduate Certificate in Higher Education (GCHE) EDU4HEC-Higher Education Curriculum Design, HET- Teaching in Higher Education: Effective, Reflective Practice and EDU4HEL- Developing Leadership in an Academic Setting.

Introduction to Teaching and Learning

This seminar offers opportunities for newly appointed staff to discuss key issues they are introduced to in the online modules. This work is then followed up in a face-to-face, activity-based workshop which encourages staff to exchange views and information about teaching and ask questions.

Principles of Digital Teaching

Suitable for Academics with less than three years of teaching experience at La Trobe, this program is self-paced and develops knowledge around digitally enabled practice.