Roles and responsibilities

Academic Integrity Staff Roles

Academic Integrity Coordinator (Staff)

The Academic Integrity Coordinator (AIC) is based within La Trobe Learning and Teaching and reports to the Pro-Vice Chancellor (Learning and Teaching). The AIC will

  • Provide professional development for Academic Integrity Advisers (AIA) at least twice a year
  • Provide a forum for the Academic Integrity Adviser Network to engage in moderation discussions
  • Assist AIAs in reaching conclusions about appropriate determinations and penalties in cases of academic misconduct
  • Collect information from the AIAs regarding areas requiring additional staff and student training resources and advise the Pro Vice-Chancellor (Teaching and Learning) of these
  • Update (as required) the staff AIM (Academic Integrity Module) and provide opportunities for professional development around academic integrity for ongoing and sessional academic staff

Academic Integrity Advisers (AIA)

Academic Integrity Advisers are based within each School and are appointed by College Pro-Vice Chancellors. Each AIA appointment is made for at least one year.

AIAs are responsible for:

  • receiving reports of suspected academic misconduct via the referral form; (Note: The reporting staff member must inform the relevant subject coordinator)
  • determining if reports disclose evidence of academic misconduct;
  • conducting hearings on instances of suspected minor academic misconduct (refer to Section 5, Academic Integrity – Guidelines for Handling Academic Misconduct;
  • referring instances of serious academic misconduct to the College Academic Misconduct Committee (CAMC) and if necessary, supplying the Committee with any evidence and supporting materials, for example confiscated materials, text-matching reports, and the student’s response;
  • deciding and administering appropriate penalties for minor academic misconduct in line with the schedule of Responses and Penalties for Academic Misconduct; and
  • Maintaining records on all the functions above in the relevant College TRIM file.

AIAs will:

  • at least twice a year, complete professional development activities provided by LTLT
  • engage in moderation sessions within the AIA Network to ensure consistency in application of policy across the University (partly PD sessions, discussion forums on LMS site)
  • advise the Pro Vice-Chancellor (Teaching & Learning) of any academic misconduct issues and trends and any areas requiring additional staff and student training and resources.

The responsibilities of AIAs and the processes to be followed are further outlined in the Academic Integrity - Guidelines for Handling Academic Misconduct.

Academic Integrity Coordinator (Students)

The Academic Integrity Coordinator (Students) is based within La Trobe Learning and Teaching and reports to the Pro-Vice Chancellor (Learning and Teaching). The AIC (Students) will coordinate and oversee the development and dissemination of student-facing academic integrity resources and activities.


  • Lead the development of student-facing resources and activities to develop and promote academic integrity skills and behaviours;
  • Disseminate information to staff regarding student-facing AI support opportunities;
  • Review and revise the AIM content to maintain relevance and effectiveness;
  • Respond to inquiries regarding the content of the AIM.

Students are able to access the following AI support:

  • The Academic Integrity webpage, which provides an overview of academic integrity at La Trobe and links to useful contacts and resources;
  • Achieve@Uni an online suite of skills development resources including modules on Using Information and Referencing;
  • The Academic Referencing Tool, an easy to use tool to help students reference correctly in the relevant style;
  • Drop-in appointments with a Peer Learning Adviser or a Student Learning lecturer in the library on all major campuses or online.

Staff can refer students at risk of failing or withdrawing from a subject for an individual appointment with a Student Learning lecturer here.

Student Advocates

Student Advocates are appointed by La Trobe University Student Union.

Student Advocates are there to assist students. With Academic Misconduct matters, a student advocate may speak on behalf of students but only after seeking the approval of the chairperson. They may be asked to contribute in a meeting if the chairperson or another committee member thinks it is appropriate.