Curriculum Redesign

La Trobe Teaching and Learning will partner with you to redesign and deliver courses and subjects that enhance learning experiences for students.

Throughout the redesign process staff work individually or with their colleagues on:

  • course mapping and subject redesigns
  • collaborating in Curriculum Design Intensive (CDI) workshops and scheduled consultations
  • ensuring coherent alignment of learning outcomes with best practice assessment and feedback design
  • exploring new teaching and learning possibilities for their subjects or courses
  • designing empowering learning experiences for students to be agents in their own learning
  • integrating digital technologies with the redesigned learning experience
  • evaluation of the student experience, which encourages staff to measure the success of new designs during and after delivery to continually improve the subject.

Teams are encouraged to use active pedagogies and digital technologies to enrich learning for their students. Working with the College and School is a key part of the process to increase student success, retention and satisfaction through engagement in the curriculum at both course and subject levels.

What have your colleagues achieved through their curriculum development experiences?

View presentations from the Teaching and Learning Forums in 2017 and 2018 on the Teaching and Learning Forums Media Hub.

How do I get started?

Contact your Business Partner Emily Krisenthal(ASSC) or Bree Wellington (SHE).