OLT grant application checklist

Version 1.0, August 2014

OLT grant application checklist [DOCX  19KB]
OLT grant application checklist [PDF  207KB] 

Before submitting an application to the OLT Innovation and Development Grants Programme, please use the checklist to review the following:

The online application form


Grant Information

If a full proposal, amount does not contain commas or decimal points (e.g. 250000)


If an EOI, 0 (zero) entered in Amount field


Correct programme, priority area and discipline selected


Aim (max 55 words); Abstract (max 155 words); Keywords (max 20 words)


If currently involved in any OLT-funded projects, reference of funded project and title provided accurately


If application builds directly on a previous OLT project, reference of funded project and title provided accurately


Institutional endorsement provided by lead institution's DVC (A) or equivalent; title, name and position provided clearly


Grant People

Contact details have been provided for project leader, ICO, PEI and team members



Please submit the proposal and all appendices as one combined PDF file attachment.  Check that the file is actually attached to the application before submitting.


Attachment is named according to the instructions



The application is written in 12pt font


Page lengths are within the limits specified in the application instructions


All shading is removed from tables and timelines. This must be done to ensure the documents print clearly for the assessors



The project commences on 1 August 2015 or 1 February 2016 (depending on the round in which funding is approved)


Project evaluation is included in the timeline (only applies if funding >$120,000)


Budget (not required for EOI)

Detailed budget is provided


The budget is staged (only applies if timeline is >12 months)


Personnel costs include level of appointment and hours per week or percentage of time


Salary on-costs are included (maximum of 28 percent)


All costs are in whole dollars and exclude GST


The figures listed as totals (sub-totals, stage totals, total budget) are correct


Attendance at OLT events ($3,000) is included in the budget.  This is a mandatory item to be claimed in the first year of the project 


Sufficient  funding is allocated to editing of final reports (maximum $3,000)


The administration levy does not exceed 10 percent (to calculate, add all sub-totals and multiply by 10 percent)


Project evaluation included in the budget (only applies if funding >$120,000)


Assets (e.g. computers, iPads etc) are NOT included in the budget


Institutional endorsement

The lead institution's ICO has included the application on the list to be provided to the OLT


For full proposals, the DVC (Academic) letters of endorsement are attached from lead and all partner institutions.  EOIs do not need to include actual letters of endorsement.


Endorsement letters use the mandatory proforma in Appendix 5 and specifically state how the project fits the institution's priorities


Source: Programme information and application instructions. 2015, Pp 26