Groupwork: Checklist for establishing team projects

Use this resource when you are designing a groupwork assessment in your subject.

Task or Consideration Yes/No
Do you have a clear rationale for including team activities and assessment of these in your subject?  
Have you aligned the intended learning outcomes, the team task/s and the assessment?  
Do you want assessable and/or non assessable task/s?  
How will teams be established?
  • random selection
  • self-selection
  • lecturer/tutor selection
  • task driven selection

Have you thought about a set of team ground rules?

  • task allocation
  • regular meetings
  • reporting and monitoring
  • conflict negotiation
  • fair and valid peer evaluation (if pat of assessment)
  • contingencies (absence, illness, change of task focus)

Consider a Learning Contract

  • team member functions
  • duties
  • deliverables
  • resources
  • reporting
  • evaluation process

What kind of assessment mark will be most appropriate? (Circle appropriate types)

  • shared group mark
  • group average mark
  • individual mark - allocated task
  • individual mark - individual report
  • individual mark - examination
  • weighted mark - individual and group average marks

Will there be a peer of self assessment component?

  • peer assessment
  • self assessment
  • is grading involved?
  • is confidentiality involved?

*Source: Holdsworth, A., Rosse, M., Jamieson, G., Ambrose, K., Teamwork Toolkit, La Trobe University, 2010 [PDF 721KB]

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

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