Essentials: Development summary tool

How to use this resource

This diagnostic tool will assist you to identify the extent to which an Essential(s) has been developed in the subject you have chosen, and can help to highlight any work that remains to be done.

A final re-draft of this document, once the Essential(s) is/are fully embedded, can also be used as evidence for endorsement of the subject as containing the Essential(s). For the subject to be fully
developed and endorsed, you need to compile evidence from the revised subject guide and other sources to show how the elements from the Essentials definitions are expressed in the subject
description, ILOs, Student Learning Activities and Subject Assessment Tasks. Use this table to highlight how each of these aspects of the subject guide highlights the Essential(s) chosen for inclusion.

Most of the information required for the table will come from the existing (or revised) Subject Learning Guide (SLG). For Subject Assessment Tasks, there may need to be descriptions of what the assessments develop in relation to the Essentials, beyond what is evident in the student guide.