Communication skills resource 1: Introduction and resources

Communication skills resource: Introduction [PDF 86KB]
Communication skills resource: Additional resources [PDF 75KB]

Assessing & developing students' communication skills: Resources for staff

Why focus on communication skills?

Australian universities today are places of great diversity. La Trobe is an excellent example of this, with about 11% of domestic students from homes where English is not the main language of communication, around 18% of domestic students from low socio-economic backgrounds, and about 25% of enrolments international students.

Working in this context, most of us recognise that our students may not have the highly developed communication skills they need for academic success, yet we may also feel that we don't have the expertise or the time teach these skills. However, developing students' communication skills is a responsibility that we share with students – La Trobe has made a commitment to developing students' communication skills, with 'literacies and communication skills' included in its Graduate Capabilities. It is also a responsibility which all teaching staff members are able to fulfil using their knowledge of discipline-specific texts and styles and of standard academic English.

Purpose of the resources

The purpose of these resources is to provide simple and practical ideas and tools for you to use in developing students' communication skills. They give advice and examples that can be easily integrated into curricula, teaching practice and assessment, provide links to other useful resources, and give information on how you can access further support.


Where to go for support at La Trobe

Other useful resources