Learning and Teaching Lounge

The Learning and Teaching Lounge is a flexible, collaborative space for La Trobe University educators.

It is ideal for:

  • individual or small group consultations on subject and course design
  • experimenting with educational technologies
  • workshops and cross-campus collaboration in learning and teaching
  • drop-in sessions for support from Educational Technologists and Designers.

What’s on in the Learning and Teaching Lounge

Teaching and learning events held in the Lounge are scheduled in the La Trobe Learning and Teaching Events Page.

The Learning and Teaching lounge is located in David Myers Central level 2, next to the Research Office.

Help us to shape this space by letting us know about the types of events you’d like to see in the Lounge.

How do I book the Lounge? 

Want to organise an event in the Learning and Teaching Lounge? Contact your Business Partner Emily Krisenthal (ASSC) or Elsuida Kondo (SHE).