Student experience

The LTO student experience is personalised and student-centred, characterised by trustworthy, timely and well-informed advice within an inclusive and socially connected learning environment.

Outcomes for our students :

  • Personalised
  • Student centred
  • Trustworthy
  • Timely and well informed advice
  • Inclusive and socially connected

Meaningful choices for students to engage when they want (daytime, evenings, weekends), where they want (home, workplace, on the move) and how they want (accelerated, part time, or paused). Flexible offerings with multiple intakes per year, modular designs, and the options to switch from a fully online mode to blended on-campus mode when desired.

We will offer a suite of products that appeal to La Trobe's existing market as well as non-traditional and new markets. We will be shaped by market demand, focussing on students opportunities for growth, employability and career outcomes.