La Trobe Online

What is La Trobe Online?

Staying true to La Trobe University’s vision to provide educational opportunities to our students regardless of distance or other life priorities/barriers, La Trobe Online will offer high quality modules, subjects and courses that can be studied in our fully supported online environment.

LTO leverages the latest innovative technologies to ensure our students are future ready.  Innovative technology is also transforming the way our academics teach, enabling an inclusive and interactive learning experience.

LTO is an extension of La Trobe University - into the digital learning market place. This means we will extend the reach of our expertise and grow through a larger student base.

What does LTO mean for our students?

LTO extends student learning from on-campus to also being online. This provides greater flexibility for students to engage when they want (daytime, evenings, weekends), where they want (home, workplace, on the move) and how they want (accelerated, part time, or paused). Courses, subjects and modules are industry relevant, and innovative offerings enhance career progression and life-wide learning. Students are fully supported through quality and reliable technology and a platform that allows for mobile-first learning.