La Trobe Academy

La Trobe is committed to recognising, rewarding and fostering world-class teaching excellence and innovation through the establishment of the La Trobe Academy.  The La Trobe Academy will be instrumental in cultivating thought leadership in higher education learning and teaching.  It will foster innovation and creative approaches to enhancing quality and solving contemporary learning and teaching challenges within and across disciplines.

Membership of the Academy will be at the invitation of the Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Academic). Academy Fellows will be recognised as champions in teaching excellence and, in turn, will provide learning and teaching leadership across the University, disseminating their expertise across the wider community.

Teaching Excellence Principles

The Teaching Excellence Principles articulate the distinctive excellence expectations of La Trobe teachers and guide best practice in academic engagement.

What are the Teaching Excellence Principles?

Learning and Teaching that engages, motivates and inspires students.

A research-informed approach to Learning and Teaching.

Teaching that addresses real world issues and enhances student employability.

Teaching that both demonstrates and fosters in students ethics of inclusivity, respect, care, responsibility and collaboration.

Teaching that demonstrates best practice in curriculum design, pedagogy, assessment and feedback.

Teaching that takes a proactive approach to new learning and teaching strategies, methods and technologies.

Learning and Teaching that is based in the concepts of continuous improvement and critical reflection.

How do I get involved?

More details on the La Trobe Academy will be available soon.

If you have any questions please contact your Business Partner Emily Krisenthal (ASSC) or Elsuida Kondo (SHE), or email La Trobe Academy.