Peer Assisted Teaching at La Trobe

The Peer Assisted Teaching Scheme (PATS) has been developed to enable the sharing of good teaching practice across the University. It is open to all teaching staff who would like to improve an aspect of their teaching via peer engagement and advice. It facilitates a collegial culture of peer-led learning in a context of quality enhancement in higher education.

PATS is configured around the three key expectations of academics who teach: to be able to design for effective teaching, deliver effective teaching and lead effective teaching. It connects academics with experience and expertise in leading, designing or teaching a subject, with colleagues who seek practical support and advice on one or all of these aspects.

Workload expectations

The process requires a modest time commitment that the peer-pairs can negotiate directly. This will usually take place at a preliminary meeting, where participants will identify a specific aspect of teaching improvement (Design, Delivery or Leadership) for which advice is sought, as well as the number and types of professional learning activities (for example, self-paced resources, workshops, peer observations).

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For further inquiries, please contact:

Damir Mitric