Curriculum Development

The Curriculum Development Program supports staff within the University to redesign and deliver subjects and courses to enhance learning experiences for students.

The curriculum development process includes:

  • a Curriculum Design Intensive (CDI) workshop to explore the teaching and learning possibilities in your subject or course using active pedagogies, best practice assessment and feedback approaches, and digital technologies
  • consultations to flexibly support you in the design and delivery of your subject or course
  • an example subject outline in the LMS with professional development to assist you to create and manage the new LMS build of your subjects
  • quality and standards review of the course and subject including mapping assessments to Intended Learning Outcomes, accreditation competencies, graduate capabilities and appropriate Australian Quality Framework (AQF) levels
  • evaluation of the student experience to measure the success of your new subject design during and after delivery to continually improve the subject
  • discipline-specific expertise from Senior Learning Advisors in the library
  • teaching and learning forums for sharing success with colleagues by communicating your subject design.

Benefits for you and your students

  • Collaborate with educational developers and designers to design and deliver engaging learning experiences for students at subject and course levels.
  • Convert your professional learning into recognition for teaching innovation and practice or academic promotion.
  • Integrate digital learning technologies into your subject.
  • Empower students to be agents in their own learning and encourage collaboration between students.
  • Increase the flexibility of student engagement with the curriculum.

By actively participating in the Curriculum Development Program, you will:

  • collaborate with educational developers, designers and colleagues on a new design for your subject or course
  • co-create the teaching, learning and assessment activities for your subject or course
  • be able to work independently to complete the redesign of your subject
  • engage collaboratively to develop or renew the structure of your course
  • contribute to your professional development in teaching and learning.

How do I get involved?

Contact your Business Partner Emily Krisenthal(ASSC) or Elsuida Kondo(SHE) to discuss Curriculum Development opportunities.

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