Did your curriculum design achieve your original objectives? Have you been innovating in your field?

If yes, then tell people about your success!

This is an optional phase in a curriculum design project, but well worth considering. Your colleagues will be interested in hearing about how you approached this project and what benefits have been realised, both for you and for your students. They will also be interested in hearing about what didn't work, and how you addressed those aspects.

How do I share my experience?

Options for sharing your success include:

  • College or department-based seminars
  • Institution-wide seminars, such as the Learning in the Digital Age Seminar series (see the LTLT events page)
  • Contribute a resource to our library if you have an activity, approach or resource which you think other staff can benefit from
  • Education conferences (especially if you have adopted a particularly innovative design)
  • Publications (as long as you have strong evidence)
  • Contact your LTLT College Partner to discuss further options

You may also choose to use your evidence from this project as part of an application for promotion, grant or teaching citation or award.

If you know someone using innovative approaches or technologies in learning and teaching, then let us know so we can recognise them.

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