Once you have your objectives for your curriculum design project clear, the next stage is to plan how to achieve these objectives.

What do I need to plan?

For a new subject, this will involve a complete process of design, including

  • Identifying your subject intended learning outcomes (if these haven't already been prepared)
  • Designing appropriate assessment tasks, where students can demonstrate their achievement of these outcomes
  • Designing a range of relevant learning activities, where students can work towards these outcomes
  • Identifying which resources (readings, multimedia, templates etc) students might need to complete their work

For some objectives, such as increasing student collaboration, or accommodating a different student cohort, you may find that the intended learning outcomes and assessment tasks are already appropriate, but that you need to introduce different learning activities or adopt a different format for your class time. In other cases, you may need to re-design all your assessment tasks.

What assistance or resources do I need?

A range of people and resources are available to help you, including:

  • Speak with your LTLT College Partner (see below) to arrange a consultation with one of our Educational Developers about your curriculum design ideas and needs
  • Help for students with using technology

Ethics clearance

And finally, if you are planning to publish the outcomes of your design and evaluation project, make sure you have the necessary ethics clearance before you start any data collection from students. You should familiarise yourself with the University's human ethics approval policies to make sure your research is appropriate.

Contact your LTLT College Partner