After planning your curriculum design, it's now time to implement it. If you have planned well, this phase should be the fun part!  Now you get to see if your ideas are working, and observe how your students are reacting to your design.

Monitor your implementation

You will need to monitor closely during this implementation phase, tweaking some aspects and troubleshooting others.

Depending on the aspects of your design, you may need to monitor:

  • Do students understand what is expected of them?  For a major change in teaching style or class format, you may need to provide additional support in the early stages.
  • Are students completing the activities or using the resources you intended? Perhaps they can't find them in the LMS, or aren't aware they should be doing this activity?
  • Is the technology working the way you hoped?
  • Are you seeing early signs of your objectives being met? For example, do students appear more motivated? Are they collaborating on group projects?

Useful sites or people who can help during this phase include:

Contact your LTLT College Partner