Develop (Build)

The Develop (or Build) stage involves building your LMS site, preparing student activities, collating your existing resources and preparing new resources if required, and so on.

Introducing an innovation

Implementing a new technology or teaching format can be both exciting and daunting, both for you and your students. Try to avoid overwhelming yourself (and your students) with too much too soon – especially if you are introducing a new technology. Allow time for everyone to become familiar with any new interfaces and functions, perhaps with a simple activity to start with, before moving on to larger and more critical tasks.

Where can I get help?

If any of these tasks are new for you, you may need professional development or training. There are a wide range of people, sites and resources that can help you develop your new curriculum and resources, including:

Will students need support to do this?

While you are considering what resources and training you might need, don't forget the needs of your students. If you are introducing new software or technologies, or even a radical change in teaching style, your students may need additional support. Training materials targeted at students are available for some technologies, including the LMS, PebblePad, and Turnitin.

Good planning and monitoring are the keys to all successful curriculum designs. Many questions you may need to consider are included in the Plan Stage section of this website, and aspects you may need to monitor are included in the following Implement Stage section.

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