Theme Leaders

Abbey - Coherent X-ray science and materials characterisation

Our group combines elements of optics, nanofabrication, synchrotron science and X-ray Free Electron Lasers, to develop new approaches to imaging materials and structures at the atomic, molecular and cellular level.

Lee - Structural biology in gene regulation and DNA damage repair pathway

Our group characterises the macromolecular complexes in the nucleus to understand their roles in gene regulation and DNA damage repair pathway.


Kou - Bio-imaging and bio-photonics, optical micro- and nano-scopy, biomedical instrumentation

Our group explores the complex mechanisms behind cellular and sub-cellular events and processes. We also seek to develop novel bio-imaging modalities and instrumentation for new diagnostic and therapeutic tools.

Kvansakul - Structural biology of cell death and host-pathogen interactions

Our group examines how viruses hijack cellular defence systems to ensure their own proliferation and survival.

Maher - Metallobiology

Our group studies protein-based metallo-regulatory systems – from the metal transporters embedded in the cell membranes to the metalloproteins and enzymes which utilize transition metals for activity.

van Riessen - Experimental condensed matter and materials physics, and coherent X-ray imaging development

Our group develops novel methods of probing condensed matter and material properties using coherent X-ray imaging methods, electron spectroscopy, and nanofabricated devices.