Nicholas Hoogenraad Fellow in Molecular Sciences

Dr Tatiana Soares da Costa

Dr Tatiana Soares da Costa is the Nicholas Hoogenraad Fellow in Molecular Sciences.

Dr Soares da Costa’s research program focuses on the discovery and characterisation of new classes of antibiotics and herbicides to avert the rise in resistance. She completed her undergraduate and Master’s degrees at the University of Canterbury in New Zealand and PhD at the University of Adelaide before joining La Trobe University as a NHMRC Early Career Research Fellow in 2015.

Dr Soares da Costa has published 29 research papers (17 as first/senior author) in leading general (Chemical Science, Nature Communications, Science Immunology) and field-specific (Journal of Biological Chemistry, Journal of Molecular Medicine, Planta, Structure) journals and is a named inventor on 7 patents.

Dr Soares da Costa has continuously been involved in teaching, supervising and mentoring students, as well as promoting science to the media and community. Her work has been recognised with >30 awards, including the 2018 FAOBMB Young Scientist Award, 2018 Academy of Science Max Day Environmental Science Highly Commended Award and 2015 ASBMB Fred Collins Award. She currently also serves as an Academic Co-Manager of the La Trobe University Comprehensive Proteomics Platform and Co-Editor of the ASBMB’s Australian Biochemist magazine.