Higher degree by research students

The Living with Disability Research Centre welcomes new HDR students. We have a thriving research group that offers students the opportunity to collaborate with premier researchers and be involved in some leading edge projects. As students discover the many benefits of the collaborative nature of the way in which we work, more are attracted to our research group. As a result, we have seen our number of HDR students increase.

We encourage prospective students to contact staff directly for further information about potential research projects or to formally lodge a HDR application.

Below is a list of current HDR students, their supervisors and project titles.



Project title

Abby Foster

Linda Worrall (Co-supervisors Miranda Rose, Robyn O'Halloran)

Speech pathology in acute stroke units with people with aphasia

Adam Kaucki

Jacinta Douglas (Co-supervisor Suzane Vassallo)

A longitudinal investigation of visual scanning to emotional facial expressions in traumatic brain injury

Alanna Bailey

Jacinta Douglas (Co-supervisor Robyn O'Halloran)

Visual & ocular processing deficits following traumatic brain injury

Amy Muir

Jacinta Douglas (Co-supervisors Robyn O'Halloran)

A Prospective Three-Year Qualitative Investigation into the meaning of living with aphasia

Barbara Wolfendon

Leanne Carey (Co-supervisor Jacinta Douglas)

Activity Card Sort: review and revision to enhance application following stroke

Belinda Mclean

Leanne Carey

Discovering the sense of touch: implications for development and rehabilitation for children with cerebral palsy

Caitlin McDowell

Ellie Fossey (Co-supervisor Mary Kennedy-Jones)

M. App. Sc Work adjustments to create supportive workplaces for workers with mental illness

Christopher Bruce

Leeanne Carey

Novice Driving and ADHD:  Impact of Risk-taking behaviour

Claire Lynch

Tracy Fortune (Co-supervisor Catherine Barrett)

The clinical reasoning of occupational therapists in community health

Claire Quillam

Christine Bigby (Co-supervisor Jacinta Douglas)

Documentation in groups homes

Elizabeth Pearson

Carol McKinstry (Co-supervisor Meg Morris)

Implementing guidelines for assessing cancer-related fatigue

Elspeth Mitchell

Leanne Carey

Roles for visual attention and functional connectivity in prediction and prognosis of recovery and rehabilitation post stroke

Essie Low

Leanne Carey

The neural basis of somatosensory rehabilitation after stroke

Gemma Duffield

Jacinta Douglas (Co-supervisor Robyn O'Halloran)

Application of handheld technology to persons with severe traumatic brain injury.

Georgia Dacakis

Jennifer Oates (Co-supervisor Jacinta Douglas)

Assessing the everyday voice of transsexual individuals.

Isobel Hubbard

Leanne Carey

Mechanisms underlying motor recovery and rehabilitation

Jade Candice McEwen

Christine Bigby (Co-supervisor Jacinta Douglas)

A Comparative Study of English and Australian Disability Regulation Methods

Jasvinder Sekhon

Miranda Rose (Co-supervisors Jennifer Oates, Prof Ian Kneebone - University of Western Sydney)

Addressing psychological well-being with mindfulness in people with post stroke aphasia

Jess Stevens

Christine Bigby

Dip HRM Sibling relationships of adults with intellectual disability

John Pierce

Miranda Rose

An Investigation of the Determinants of Aphasia Treatment Dose Response in Aphasia

Kate D'Cruz

Jacinta Douglas (Co-supervisor Tanya Serry

Narrative story-telling in acquired brain injury: Experiences of workshop participants and facilitators.

Kate Fitt

Teresa Iacono (Co-supervisors Janice Pascal and Robert Townsend – Federation University)

Encounters with child welfare discourses: beginning practitioners and mothers with intellectual disability

Kate Noonan

Leanne Carey

Factors impacting on neural plasticity and recovery after stroke

Kellie Stagg

Teresa Iacono (Co-supervisor Jacinta Douglas)

M. App. Sc. Exploring the operationalization of person-centred practice in stroke rehabilitation

Kristy Logan

Teresa Iacono (Co-supervisor David Trembath – Griffiths University)

The use of aided language stimulation to develop expressive language and pragmatic functions in children with Autism Spectrum Disorder

Lincoln Humphreys

Christine Bigby (Co-supervisor Teresa Iacono)

The organisational context and leadership in disability accommodation services for people with an intellectual disability

Lucie Lanyon

Miranda Rose (Co-supervisor Linda Worrall)

Measuring the impact of Communication Group participation on the psychosocial health of people living with aphasia

Lucy Knox

Christine Bigby (Co-supervisor Jacinta Douglas)

Understanding and supporting the decision–making needs of adults with severe traumatic brain injury

Margaret Mealings.

Jacinta Douglas(Co-supervisor Prof John Olver, Epworth Hospital)

Preparation at school following TBI

Margaret Pozzebon

Jacinta Douglas (Co-supervisor Susan Block)

Linguistic features of primary progressice aphasia

Maya Menahemi Falkov

Miranda Rose (Co-supervisor Shane Erickson)

A comparison of intense and non-intense multi-modal aphasia therapy

Melanie Drummond

Jacinta Douglas

The impact of anosmia following traumatic brain injury

Michelle Attard

Miranda Rose (Co-supervisors Leanne Togher, Jacinta Douglas)

Improving quality of life in chronic aphasia: Reducing depression and increasing social connection and life participation through community apharia groups

Michelle Browning

Christine Bigby (Co-supervisor Jacinta Douglas)

Models of supported decision making

Michelle Cimoli

Jennifer Oates (Co-supervisor Emma McLaughlin)

An Evaluation of Inter-and Intra-Rater Reliability of Judgements Made Using Fibreoptic Endoscopic Evaluation of Swallowing (FEES) to Assess Swallowing Function in Patients Referred with Dysphagia

Nastaran Doroud

Ellie Fossey (Co-supervisor Tracy Fortune)

Occupational choice in recovery for people experiencing persistent mental health issues

Natalie Crothers

Teresa Iacono (Co-supervisors Suzanne Hodgkin and Liz Evans – University of New South Wales)

Pathways to care for adults with intellectual disability–a comparison study

Ondine Stachnowski

Christine Bigby

Dip HRB Supporting people with intellectual disability through grief and loss

Priscilla Ennals

Ellie Fossey(Co-supervisor Lindsey Howie)

Capable and different: A grounded theory of studying at university for students with mental ill-health

Rahila Christan

Teressa Iacono

Dental  health services for children with intellectual disabilities in India

Riham Abdullah

Miranda Rose (Co-supervisor Pranee Liamputtong)

School-based speech pathology services in multicultural Australia: Speech pathologists' perceptions and practices of parent involvement

Russell Ullah

Ellie Fossey

OT with employment and disability

S.M. Abul Bashar

Ellie Fossey (Co-supervisor Michael Dillon)

Return to work after amputation in Bangladesh

Sophia Tipping

Christine Bigby (Co-supervisor Mary Whiteside)

Inclusion of people with intellectual disability in policy making

Sue Jackson

Christine Bigby

The Making of the National Disability Insurance Scheme: Nation Building in the 21st Century

Tamara Tse

Jacinta Douglas (Co-supervisor Leanne Carey)

Participation after stroke, influence of personal desires, depressive symptoms, cognitive function, and the environment: A mixed methodology

Tina Scalzo

Jennifer Oates

Prevalence and predictors of voice problems in children

William Crisp

Christine Bigby (Co-supervisor Mary Whiteside)

Do self directed approaches lead to greater self determination for people with intellectual disability?

Yeptain Leung

Jennifer Oates

Development of a comprehensive assessment tool for clinical use with transsexual individuals for voice and communication'