Our staff and students

The Centre comprises leading researchers from the disciplines of social work, speech pathology, occupational therapy, physiotherapy, psychology, public health, history, law and management. This diversity means a range of research approaches and service solutions are applied to the problems of disability, without the constraints of traditional disciplinary boundaries.

Academic staff

Dr Sian AndersonResearch Fellow(03) 9479 5495Sian.Anderson@latrobe.edu.au
Dr Tal Araten-BergmanLecturer, Community and Clinical Allied Health(03) 9479 1598T.Araten-Bergman@latrobe.edu.au
Professor Christine BigbyProfessor and Director of Living with Disability Research Centre(03) 9479 1016C.Bigby@latrobe.edu.au
Dr Emma Bould Senior Research Fellow(03) 9479 1556E.Bould@latrobe.edu.au
Professor Julie Beadle-BrownProfessor of Disability Studies(03) 9479 1065J.Beadle-Brown@latrobe.edu.au
Ms Anoo BhoptiLecturer, Discipline of Occupational Therapy(03) 9479 5667A.Bhopti@latrobe.edu.au
Professor Leeanne CareyProfessor and Discipline Lead in Occupational Therapy(03) 9479 5600L.Carey@latrobe.edu.au
Dr Marcella CarragherResearch Fellow, Speech Pathology  
Dr Jillian CavanaghSenior Lecturer, Management (03) 9479 2723j.cavanagh@latrobe.edu.au
Dr Nadine CameronResearch Fellow N.Cameron@latrobe.edu.au
Ms Emma CaruanaResearch Assistant E.Caruana@latrobe.edu.au
Dr Lisa ChaffeyResearch Fellow(03) 9479 5709L.Chaffey@latrobe.edu.au
Professor Jennifer CleggAdjunct Professor  
Ms Kate D'CruzLecturer, Discipline of Occupational Therapy(03) 9479 6576K.DCruz@latrobe.edu.au
Dr Michael DillonSenior Lecturer Prosthetics and Orthotics(03) 9479 5889Michael.Dillon@latrobe.edu.au
Professor Jacinta DouglasProfessor of Acquired Brain Injury, Living with Disability Research Centre Summer Foundation Chair, Living Well with Brain Injury(03) 9479 1797J.Douglas@latrobe.edu.au
Dr Shane EricksonLecturer, Speech Pathology(03) 9479 1838S.Erickson@latrobe.edu.au
Dr David HendersonResearch Fellow(03) 9479 6680D.Henderson@latrobe.edu.au
Ms Rebecca LeesonResearch Fellow(03) 9479 2225R.Leeson@latrobe.edu.au
Dr Lincoln HumphreysResearch Officer L.Humphries@latrobe.edu.au
Professor Teresa IaconoProfessor of Rural and Regional Allied Health(03) 5448 9110T.Iacono@latrobe.edu.au
Ms Jen Jackson-HallProject Leader(03) 9479 1065J.Jackson-Hall@latrobe.edu.au
Dr Pam KappelidesLecturer, Sport & Tourism(03) 9479 3899P.Kappelides@latrobe.edu.au
Dr Lucy KnoxLecturer & Research Fellow(03) 9479 3684L.Knox@latrobe.edu.au
Dr Robyn O'HalloranLecturer, Speech Pathology(03) 9479 1818R.OHalloran@latrobe.edu.au
Dr Jodi OakmanSenior Lecturer, Public Health(03) 9479 3235J.Oakman@latrobe.edu.au
Professor Jennifer Oates Professor, Discipline of Speech Pathology(03) 9479 1810J.Oates@latrobe.edu.au
Dr Darren O'DonovanSenior Lecturer, Law(03) 9479 1697D.oDonovan@latrobe.edu.au
Professor Miranda RoseProfessor, Speech Pathology(03) 9479 2088M.rose@latrobe.edu.au
Dr Tanya SerryLecturer, Discipline of Speech Pathology(03) 9479 1814T.Serry@latrobe.edu.au
Professor Nora ShieldsProfessor, Physiotherapy(03) 9479 5852N.shields@latrobe.edu.au
Dr Andrea SimpsonSenior Lecturer, Audiology(03) 9479 1821A.Simpson@latrobe.edu.au
Dr Elizabeth SmithResearch fellow(03) 9479 1814E.Smith3@latrobe.edu.au
Dr Jo Spong Research fellow (03) 9479 7573J.Spong@latrobe.edu.au
Dr Rwth StuckeySenior Lecturer, Public Health(03) 9479 5751R.Stuckey@latrobe.edu.au
Ms Sophia TippingAssociate Research Fellow(03) 9479 5740S.Tipping@latrobe.edu.au
Dr Suzane VassalloSenior Research Fellow(03) 9479 3611S.Vassallo@latrobe.edu.au
Dr Mary WhitesideHead of Dept Community and Clinical Allied Health(03) 9479 2562Mary.Whiteside@latrobe.edu.au

Honorary associates





Luke Bo’SherAdjunct Research Fellow  
Professor Lauren ClarkAdjunct Professor  
Professor Jennifer CleggAdjunct Professor, University of Nottingham  
Dr Stacy Clifford SimplicanAdjunct Associate Professor  
Professor Ellie FosseyAdjunct Professor03 9479 5660E.Fossey@latrobe.edu.au

Dr Chris Fyffe

Adjunct Professor

9479 1065


Dr Hilary JohnsonAdjunct Associate Professor  
Dr Natasha LaytonHonorary Research Fellow  
Dr Kristina SzönyiHonorary Research Fellow  
Dr George TaleporosAdjunct Senior Research Fellow  
Professor Magnus TidemanAdjunct Professor in Social Work M.Tideman@latrobe.edu.au
Dr Jane TracyHonorary associate j.tracy@latrobe.edu.au
Dr Di WinklerAdjunct Associate Professor 

Administrative staff

Ms Melanie (Mim) HayesSenior Administration Officer9479 3826m.hayes@latrobe.edu.au
Mr Ben PawsonMedia and communications9479 5693b.pawson@latrobe.edu.au

Higher degree students



Project title

Jade Candice McEwenChristine Bigby (Co-supervisor Jacinta Douglas)A Comparative Study of English and Australian Disability Regulation Methods
Rahila Ummer ChristanTeressa IaconoDental  health services for children with intellectual disabilities in India
William CrispChristine Bigby (Co-supervisor Mary Whiteside)Do self-directed approaches lead to greater self-determination for people with intellectual disability?
Kate D'CruzJacinta Douglas (Co-supervisor Tanya SerryNarrative story-telling in acquired brain injury: Experiences of workshop participants and facilitators.
Kate FittTeresa Iacono (Co-supervisors Janice Pascal and Robert Townsend – Federation University)Encounters with child welfare discourses: beginning practitioners and mothers with intellectual disability
Susan JacksonChristine BigbyThe Making of the National Disability Insurance Scheme: Nation Building in the 21st Century
Yeptain LeungJennifer OatesDevelopment of a comprehensive assessment tool for clinical use with transsexual individuals for voice and communication'
Kristy LoganTeresa Iacono (Co-supervisor David Trembath – Griffiths University)The use of aided language stimulation to develop expressive language and pragmatic functions in children with Autism Spectrum Disorder
Caitlin McDowellEllie Fossey (Co-supervisor Mary Kennedy-Jones)M. App. Sc Work adjustments to create supportive workplaces for workers with mental illness
Jade McEwanChristine BigbyHow do Victorian day services understand and measure service quality?
Jenna MacNabChristine BigbyThe role of legally appointed substitute decision-makers in decision making support for people with cognitive disability.
Margaret Mealings.Jacinta Douglas(Co-supervisor Prof John Olver, Epworth Hospital)Preparation at school following TBI
Elspeth MitchellLeanne CareyRoles for visual attention and functional connectivity in prediction and prognosis of recovery and rehabilitation post stroke
Amy Ford (Muir)Jacinta Douglas (Co-supervisors Robyn O'Halloran)A Prospective Three-Year Qualitative Investigation into the meaning of living with aphasia
Margaret PozzebonJacinta Douglas (Co-supervisor Susan Block)Linguistic features of primary progressive aphasia
Claire QuilliamChristine Bigby (Co-supervisor Jacinta Douglas)Exploring disability service discourse and its influence on the service user/service provider relationship
Gail RitchieChristine BigbyFactors that contribute to the sexual abuse of children, young people and adults with an intellectual disability by those who are paid to care for them.
Kellie StaggTeresa Iacono (Co-supervisor Jacinta Douglas)M. App. Sc. Exploring the operationalization of person-centred practice in stroke rehabilitation
Sophia TippingChristine Bigby (Co-supervisor Mary Whiteside)Inclusion of people with intellectual disability in policy making
Elizabeth WilliamsJacinta DouglasWorking together with people with acquired brain injury (ABI) and those who are significant in their lives in community brain injury rehabilitation: clinician's perspectives of the therapeutic alliance