Importance status

Each resource on your reading list must be assigned an importance status of Pre-reading, Prescribed or Recommended. This helps students to plan their study, as well as providing guidance for the library when purchasing resources. Please allow at least 3 weeks for the library to purchase new resources.


Students are expected to read this resource before the subject commences.

Note: please use student notes for direction on what they need to read before class.


This is essential reading and is a primary resource used to complete the subject.


Non-essential reading but will enhance depth of knowledge in the subject.

How to request purchase of a new resource

Refer to How to Order a Resource for Your Reading List.

Select one of the following options aligned to the guidance above:

  • Library to purchase - pre-reading
  • Library to purchase - prescribed
  • Library to purchase - recommended

How to set the importance status

When creating a new bookmark, you can set the importance status when you select Create and Add to list.

If your item is already on your list, and you are logged in you can change the importance status of each item by using the drop down list. Select an option under Importance not set.

Importance Not Set screenshot

You may also see the below when bookmarking manually. Here you can add notes and set the importance status from the options in the drop down box. See Student & library notes for more information on adding notes.

Reading list Importance Status screenshot (Classic View)

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