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This video introduces you to Reading Lists. Reading Lists are set up by Subject Coordinators to provide required and recommended readings and resources to students.

Create a list

Before you create a new list, search for your subject code in Reading Lists. If a list for your subject code already exists, please edit the existing list rather than creating a new one. Log in to edit.

To create a new list, Log In and click My Lists. Select Create new list from the top right of the screen.

  • Name your list: Subject code - Subject name e.g. ABS0WOM - Wominjeka La Trobe
  • Include in description: Subject Co-ordinator: Firstname Surname e.g. Subject Co-ordinator: Nellie Green
  • Click Select Hierarchy and add student numbers if known
  • Do not link to a hierarchy
  • Do not add a time period

Image shows Hierarchy & Students pop up box

Key Dates

A reading list should be ready for use 2 weeks before the subject teaching period commences. Please place all digitisation and purchase requests in advance.

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