Digitisation requests

For items that are not available as electronic books or journals, the library can prepare high-quality copyright-compliant scans of limited portions of books or journals, linked directly to your reading list. These are referred to as “digitisations”. Please allow at least 3 weeks for digitisations to be processed.

If you will be requesting a scanned version of a chapter, a journal article, or selected pages, your bookmark in your reading list must have a “chapter layer”. For details, please see the bookmarks page.

The video below will take you through the process of requesting a digitisation.

For further copyright information refer to the Copyright Hub.

Digitisation dates

When you request a digitisation, you will be asked to enter:

  • Start date  - always use 01/01/current year
  • End date - always use 30/12/current year
  • Needed by - this will depend on the priority of digitisation

screenshot of a request of a new digitisation with start and end dates

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