Curriculum development

Senior Learning Advisors (Library) collaborate with Subject Coordinators and LTLT (La Trobe Learning & Teaching) staff in the curriculum development process. We work with you to develop, deliver and evaluate library research programs that are constructively aligned to Subject Intended Learning Outcomes (mapped to the Graduate Capability of Inquiry/Research).

Library resources checklist for your subject

Learning activities, assessments related to Inquiry/Research

Design and development, delivery and evaluation of:

  • Activities for practice/formative development
  • Embedded assessment tasks
  • Quizzes in the LMS (quiz managed in LMS by library)

Learning resources related to Inquiry/Research

  • Assessment Help or Single Subject Guides:
    • Assessment Help- tailored guides designed around each assessment task in a subject, created by Library and Learning Futures staff
    • Single subject- specialist help on a single subject.  Examples include:
  • Curation of resources for subjects-  eBooks, journals, newspaper articles, streamed videos and more; or consultation about what needs to be purchased
  • Embedding library online resources into LMS sites
  • Advice on creation and development of a Reading List for a subject

Student support

General library services available, these include:

Contact your discipline Senior Learning Advisor for more information and exemplars.

Library Feedback