Meeting spaces


Meeting rooms

As a staff member, you can use Book La Trobe to book the Library Seminar Room 1.34.

Conditions of use

  • The library may cancel a booking if required for library use.
  • You can not make permanent bookings.
  • You must bring your staff card to collect an access swipe card from the Inquiry Desk.

Use of the Seminar Room


  • There are 17 tables, 30 chairs, 1 computer, teleconferencing and videoconferencing equipment, 2 whiteboards, a hot water urn and a fridge.
  • Do not disconnect or damage the power cables.
  • If you change the furniture layout you must return it to the original setting.


  • You must supply your own beverages and food unless previously organised with library staff.
  • You are responsible for cleaning the room and removing all beverages and food.

Audiovisual equipment

  • You should have received training before using the library equipment.
  • The library offers no support for the use of this equipment, however instructions are available in the room.


Please note: if you are accessing this page outside of the University network, you will be asked to sign in with your staff credentials when clicking on the links below.

Meeting rooms

Library Conference Room

As an academic staff member, you are able to book the Library Conference Room via:
Outlook meeting

  • Book La Trobe
    To find the AW Library Conference Room, type David Mann Library in the Book La Trobe search box and press enter. Select AW-1-1113 to view and make bookings.
  • Outlook Calendar (using the Book La Trobe plugin)

Need help? Book La Trobe Online – User Guide.

The Library Conference Room has videoconferencing equipment and facilities for data presentations.  If you are initiating a videoconference call, you need to book videoconferencing as well. Please note: the library does not offer support in the use of visual and conferencing equipment.

Library Training room

As a staff member, you are also able to book the Library Training Room.  The room has 14 computers, a trainer’s computer and facilities for data presentations.  Bookings are made at the Loans Desk.

Conditions of use

  • The library may cancel a booking if required for library use
  • You cannot make permanent bookings
  • Bring your staff card to collect the keys from the Loans Desk