Library notices

The Library can send all notices by email, including overdue notices, recall notices, and hold pickup notifications. Courtesy reminder notices are an additional service to clients who provide the Library with their email address.

Library Notices

  • Overdue notices are sent as a courtesy when items are overdue.
  • Recall notices are sent to clients if another user has placed a hold on the item. This indicates the item cannot be renewed, and advises the rate at which fines will accrue if the item is kept overdue.
  • Hold Pickup notices are sent to clients to indicate that they can pick up a requested item. Hold Cancellation notices are sent to clients to indicate that a hold has been cancelled.
  • Courtesy notices are sent to clients to inform them that their item(s) are almost due.
  • Invoices are sent when items have not been returned after a reasonable time. Invoices include an item replacement cost and a billing fee. Invoices are sent via normal mail.

La Trobe University Staff, CAVAL and Other Borrowers can register for this service by either filling in the form below, or contacting the Loans Desk at your campus library.

If at anytime you want the Library to stop sending notices to your email, please notify the Loans Desk so your email address can be deleted from your borrower record.

Library notices are sent to all La Trobe University students' University email account.

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