Copying of material under statutory licence to be distributed to students overseas

The statutory licence under the Copyright Act 1968 allows the University to make reproduce or communicate copyright work including the making of multiple copies of print material of copyright material if they are made for the "educational purposes" of the University. (Please refer to previous articles written on this issue which may be found on the Legal Services homepage).

A copy for "educational purposes" is defined in the Copyright Act to mean a copy which has been made or retained for use or is used in connection with a particular course of instruction provided by the institution.

The copying under the statutory licence of copyright material which is to be used overseas must meet the following requirements:

  1. The course to be conducted overseas must be a La Trobe University course; and
  2. According to the Copyright Agency Limited and the Australian Copyright Council, the students must be La Trobe University enrolled students.

Further, the importation laws of the country to which the course material is to be exported must be checked so that there are no restrictions on the importation of the material into those countries. I note that Australia has import restrictions on such materials

Further information

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