Student Leadership and Partnerships

Our Mission

Our mission is to support and facilitate student and staff partnerships throughout La Trobe University.

How we define Student Partnership

Student Partnership at La Trobe University is the collaborative effort between students, staff and institutional leadership to integrate the perspectives, ideas, and experiences of our students throughout all facets of the university.

Overview of 2020 initiatives

  • Facilitating and supporting student-staff codesign through interactive CoLab workshops,
  • Supporting students from across all campuses to become active members in our community through the Student Partners Induction,
  • Coordinating student volunteering leadership roles in the Emerging Leaders program and providing streamlined recognition to our student leaders,
  • Collating and analysing student feedback from various forums and channels to close the loop of feedback.

Nurturing student leadership and opportunities for partnership and co-creation.

Why Support Student Partnership?

In 2018 students and staff co-created the reasons for supporting and encouraging partnership at La Trobe. These included:

  • We have a duty of care to listen and respond to the concerns and needs of our students
  • Students are equal to staff members within the university community and they contribute to the university through their effort, time, and resources
  • Staff decision-making often relates to changes that will impact students, therefore, our decisions should be informed by those affected (i.e. our students)
  • Students have on-the-ground, relevant suggestions and ideas on how to improve the student experience that could impact critical outcomes such as attrition, student development, teaching quality, and student satisfaction
  • The student experience is a shared responsibility between students and staff and should be supported with communication and transparency
  • By partnering with students, we have the opportunity to strengthen our university community

Student Partners Program

All students who either currently serve as student leaders and representatives or would like to in the future are welcome to join our Student Partners Program. The first step in joining the program is to attend one of our biannual training sessions.

All students who are accepted and complete the program will receive a letter of recognition and be invited to a range of opportunities to share their voices including student panels, focus groups, and participation in co-design workshops. This program also fulfils the 'Partner' category in Emerging Leaders.

To express your interest, please visit the Emerging Leaders Portal and sign up for Student Partners under ‘Select Your Programs’ and 'Partner' category.

Emerging Leaders Program

Launched in 2020, Student Partnerships will also help coordinate and streamline various student volunteering opportunities through the Emerging Leaders Program. Through a shared website student can easily browse opportunities to get involved and receive training and support to thrive.

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CoLab Student-Staff Workshops

CoLab workshops are tailored and specific problem-solving interventions that will help the university solve ongoing and/or complex issues. Staff and students from across all campuses will be able to propose topics for CoLabs such as increasing student engagement in specific services or exploring new ways to support student cohorts (e.g. regional, online). Staff and students who are interested in pitching an idea for a CoLab workshop can submit their idea through the EOI form below or contact the Student Partnerships Team to learn more.

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Students Mentoring Staff Program

When it comes to understanding what it is like to be a student today at La Trobe University there is no more authentic source than the students themselves! That's why Student Partnerships also promote one-to-one student and staff collaboration through our 'Students Mentoring Staff Program'.

The program pairs students and staff from across all of the campuses to foster discussions on how to improve the student experience. Staff will be able to get new meaning from their work and students will get the opportunity to share their personal experiences and ideas for an improved university.

To sign up either as a student mentor or as a staff mentee below.

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For additional information please see Students Mentoring Staff program [PDF 173.95KB]

Impact and Achievements

  • 200+ Trained Student Partners
  • 20+ CoLab workshops on topics such as improved subject design and redesign of student programs
  • 600+ students registered via the Emerging Leaders Portal