Student Excellence Academy


Our Mission

The uniqueness of La Trobe is best expressed by the outstanding abilities and attributes of our students, many of whom have overcome personal and educational challenges, to achieve excellence. The La Trobe Student Excellence Academy is the first excellence program in Australia to comprehensively recognise and reward student excellence in higher education.

Our mission is to provide life-changing support and enrichment opportunities to students who are outstanding in the following areas:

  • Academic – outstanding academic achievement
  • Sport – elite athletes
  • Community – outstanding commitment to community
  • Cultural – outstanding artists, dancers, musicians and writers
  • Entrepreneurship – emerging and established innovators, disruptors and entrepreneurs

The La Trobe Student Excellence Academy will provide students with the opportunity to pursue their intellectual, creative, volunteering and athletic interests alongside university studies while strengthening skills through tailored career guidance, inspiring workshops and seminars and targeted leadership development and mentoring.

The La Trobe Student Excellence Academy celebrates real impact.

Providing recognition and enrichment opportunities for students with unique and outstanding abilities and attributes.

Student Excellence Academy