School Partnerships Program

Our Mission

The mission of the School Partnerships Program (SPP) is to bring awareness of higher education and its possibilities to first-in-family students and those from low SES communities across metropolitan and regional Victoria to enable them to consider higher education as a viable option as part of their future career plans. By providing students with a greater knowledge and understanding of what it means to go to university, we help students to develop informed aspirations and greater confidence in their ability to successfully participate and engage in higher education. The SPP is a Higher Education Participation and Partnerships Program (HEPPP) funded initiative.

Impact and Achievements

Program partners with 33 schools across Victoria and 2 flexible learning centres

403 total SPP events held in 2018

19,303 student attendances at SPP events in 2018

89% of teachers surveyed report that SPP activities helped students understand the value of attending university

78% of students surveyed report that SPP events helped them feel more confident about going to university in the future

48% of students surveyed report they are now more interested in going to university after attending an SPP activity/event

Student Feedback

Feedback from La Trobe students working as School Partnerships Facilitators:

“Working with high school students across a broad range of year levels has increased my understanding about what facilitates and hinders students to feel empowered and in control of their education. The skills we give them aim to allow them make their own choices, be educated about their future and the infinite possibilities.”  

“It has been a privilege to work with young people who are experiencing the challenges that I went through, when I too was a student of a La Trobe SPP partner school. It’s amazing to think that I benefitted from the engagement as a student and now here I am; a uni student and School partnership facilitator at La Trobe University, I couldn’t be happier to give back and continue gaining many new skills myself."