Internships and placements

Clinical legal education

La Trobe Law School has a strong commitment to social justice and to providing hands-on legal experiences for its students, enriching their understanding of legal theory, learning about the realities of law in practice and gaining academic credit.


La Trobe Law School offers an internship subject, which enables students to organise a legal placement in Victoria, interstate or overseas and receive academic credit.

Judicial mentoring

La Trobe Law School runs a mentoring program where law students are assigned to a judicial officer, such as a Magistrate, over the course of a semester. The program allows students to gain valuable insights into the workings of the court system and how legal decisions are reached.

Law Institute Internship Program

La Trobe Law School and the Law Institute of Victoria offer later year law students internship opportunities in a range of regional and metropolitan law firms. Students who participate will gain confidence and develop their practical legal skills to understand the reality of legal practice in a firm.