Public Institutions and Administrative Law

The Public Institutions and Administrative Law research stream encompasses the way in which the various branches of government – the legislature, the executive and the courts – are governed. It involves studying the way in which the legislature is governed by the legislative process, the role of law reform in changing legislation and the place occupied by statutory interpretation in court decisions. Specialist research is carried out by La Trobe Law School in relation to legal and public institutions, statutory interpretation, the legislative process and law reform.


Research projects

The Council of Australian Law Deans Good Practice Guide to Teaching Statutory Interpretation (funded by the Council of Australian Law Deans) – Dr Jeffrey Barnes (lead author)

Effects of Plain English Legislative Drafting Innovations in Administrative Law – Dr Jeffrey Barnes

Bureuacracy, Law and Intimacy (funded by the Transforming Human Societies Research Focus Area, La Trobe University) - Marc Trabsky and Professor Paula Baron