Human Rights and International Law

Human Rights and International Law is a core research strength of La Trobe Law School. Our academics examine a broad range of disciplinary interests which deal with the architecture, jurisprudence, theoretical and socio-legal aspects of international law. Specialist research is carried out at La Trobe Law School in relation to asylum seekers and the law, disability law, globalization and development law, international labour law, international arbitration and international criminal law. This field also includes the study of human rights in Australian society and abroad.


Research projects

Discover: A Guide to the National Disability Insurance Scheme (funded by a research grant from the Endeavour Foundation and the NDIS) – Professor Patrick Keyzer

Human Rights and Law in the Lives of People with Disabilities: A Monitoring (funded by an ARC Linkage Grant) – Associate Professor Lee Ann Basser

The Legal Treatment of Asylum Seekers in Australia – Associate Professor Savitri Taylor

The Presence of War Criminals in Australia – Pascale Chifflet