Research strengths

La Trobe Law School actively promotes socio-legal and interdisciplinary research that delivers effective outcomes for the private, public and non profit sections. The core research strengths of the school are Access to Justice, Commercial Law and Taxation, Human Rights and International Law, and Law and Society.

Access to Justice

This field is concerned with legal needs and the institutions and processes set up to address the needs of justice and their effectiveness.

Commercial Law and Taxation

This field encompasses research that relates to the law and regulation of corporations, corporate governance, banking and finance, insurance, competition law, Chinese commercial law, and taxation.

Criminal Law and Justice

This field involves research into the impact and development of both domestic and international criminal law, criminal procedure, and the law of criminal evidence, with a particular focus on interdisciplinary approaches and criminal law reform projects.

Family Law

This field analyses the way in which family life is shaped and regulated by law, covering topics as diverse as family breakdown, family violence, and child protection, as well as the ways in which family law decision-making is shaped by dominant discourses about sexuality, disability, class, and race.

Human Rights and International Law

This field encompasses a broad range of disciplinary interests which interrogate the architecture, jurisprudence, theoretical and socio-legal aspects of human rights and international law.

Law and Society

This field analyses how law operates in society, and the way in which legal ideas, institutions and practices are shaped by their social, historical, cultural, political and economic contexts.

Public Institutions and Administrative Law

This field involves research into the administration of different branches of government, as well as the governance of public institutions, forms of statutory interpretation and the legislative process and law reform.