About CHLS

The Centre for Health, Law and Society investigates institutional, material and technological aspects of the relationships between health, law and society. This includes understanding how law impacts upon ethical, social, political and economic issues at individual and population levels. The Centre’s research programs and impact activities are informed by a socio-legal perspective, or ‘law-in-context’ approach, to examining the different ways in which law intersects with health. Our members take a broad view of what is meant by law, which may include case law, legislation, the courts, guidance, manuals, procedures, record-keeping and regulation.

The Centre’s research programs are focused on four main themes: public health, policy and end of life; gender, reproduction and law; health, social justice and equity; and health governance and rights. Members of the Centre engage in research which critically examines how law influences the dynamics of patient-doctor relations and the provision of healthcare, definitions of health and ill-health, scientific and technological innovation in healthcare, constructions of healthcare norms, and the regulation of human bodies, gender identity and sexuality.

Affiliate Membership (External)

Dr David Carter

University of Technology Sydney

Dr Dan Fleming

Group Manager Ethics & Formation, St Vincent’s Health Australia

Dr Jacinthe Flore

RMIT University

Professor Ian Freckelton QC


Courtney Hempton

Deakin University

Dr Pia Interlandi

RMIT University

Professor David Ranson

Deputy Director & Head of Forensic Services, Victorian Institute of Forensic Medicine

Adjunct Professor, La Trobe Law School, La Trobe University

Associate Professor Rebecca Scott Bray

Sydney University

Dr John Troyer

Director of Centre for Death & Society, University of Bath, UK

Associate Professor Leeroy William

Clinical Director of Supportive & Palliative Care, Eastern Health

Adjunct Associate Professor, Public Health Palliative Care Unit, La Trobe University