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Centre for Health Law and Society

What is Health Law?

The Centre’s research program and impact activities are informed by a socio-legal perspective or ‘law-in-context’ approach to examining the relationship between law and health. We take a broad view of what is meant by law which includes the common law, legislation, the courts, guidance, procedures and regulation. We think it is important to understand law’s relationship with health not only ‘on the books’ but also how it works in practice. This includes taking account of law’s role in ethical, social, institutional and equity issues impacting upon health at both an individual, and a population, level.

Members of the Centre engage in research which critically examines upon how law influences the dynamics of patient-doctor relations and the provision of healthcare, definitions of health and ill-health, scientific and technological innovation, what is considered ‘normal’ and what is not, and the regulation of human bodies, identity and sexuality.

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